Natural Sounds Processed Unnaturally

James is a composer who specialises in giving each project a unique sound-world; crafting his own unconventional sounds to create bold, visceral music that explores the symbiotic relationship between beauty and darkness. He loves the collaborative aspect of writing to picture and the opportunity to use immersive processes to explore new ways to tell the story with writers, directors and producers.

He is a member of the BFI x BAFTA crew talent scheme and recently scored the award-winning short film ‘Keratin’ produced by Backbone Films.

James is a multi-instrumentalist from a background of experimental bands and live performance which led to showcases at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, plays on BBC Radio 1 and 6Music and his work being widely licensed for international TV and film. He is equally at home on stage or in his Oxfordshire studio. His music has been used in hundreds of productions worldwide including HBO’s ‘Succession and he has recently assisted on two major BBC and ITV documentaries.

His initial sounds are often sourced organically from the environment of the project, taking a series of percussive and textural field recordings; bending, thudding, scraping and resonating various objects at each location. Elements of these recordings are cut up and manipulated into atmospheric textures and minimalist rhythms then layered skilfully with simple,emotional piano,intimate string melodies or the human voice; contrasting the natural with the un-natural.

He also utilisies experimental production techniques: sending unusual acoustic instruments and synthesisers through industrial distortion pedals and vintage tape machines, stretching sounds to their limits to search for the unheard spaces between the notes. 



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