Music on DC Comics Trailer

A track I co-wrote and produced “Ash Again” has been used on the DC trailer for “Doom Patrol” starring Brendan Fraser, Timothy Dalton et al this week. No idea what’s going on story-wise in the clip but the kids seem to like it!

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Composition for Endemol Shine’s ‘Murdertown’

I’ve recently been working on all the original music for a new TV programme called ‘Murdertown’

It’s a true-crime documentary series that begins on Monday 3rd Sept at 9PM and runs for 10 weeks.

Really enjoyed working on it and got the chance to try out some new production techniques. Also had the time to create a pallette of sounds from scratch, which is always a lot of fun.

Absoloute pleasure working with the team at Endemol Shine as always, hopefully lots more to come in the future.

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3 X New albums and upcoming news

Currently writing all the original music for a new upcoming TV show which is exciting! More details to follow.

In other cheeful music-related news, 3 new albums that I’ve contributed to have been released recently on EMI Production Music and Cavendish Music –

Album of co-writes on these bangers:


Couple of co-writes on here:



And a full album of tense electronica here:

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“Drown” featured on The Shannara Chronicles

“Drown” – a co-write with the wonderfully talented Hattie Williams – was recently featured on Series 2 EP 2 of the worldwide hit series “The Shannara Chronicles” – The track has being shazzamed thousands of times since the use and seems to have gone down really well with fans of the show. Please see the clip below.

I’ve also put together a compilation of some of my recent work as a Spotify playlist – please find on the audio page.

Drown – Shannara Chronicles from James Warburton Music on Vimeo.

Also a couple of lovely uses on The Sky Coverage of the British Grand Prix and the Premier League recently – clips can be found on the video page.

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Music and Sound Award Nomination and New Albums


Some nice news over the last few weeks – A song I produced and co-wrote has being nominated for a Music and Sound Award. New album “Night Drive” has been released on EMI PM – and a new co-write on a Cavendish music album as well. Exciting times!

The trailer is below (beware, gruesome):

Albums here:



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