The 10 Best Videos For New Composers For TV/Film


Well, it’s been a while since I wrote on here. It’s been a very busy period and I’ll do a proper update at some point! But for now, this will have to do. I do a lot of talks at various workshops around the country for new composers and I always get asked a lot about equipment, DAWS and various aspects of how to produce/mix for TV/Film. So I thought it might be helpful to put together a list of free videos interviews/tutorials with some very established composers from various on-line sources, that I’ve found hugely useful in terms of learning new techniques and tips. I hope you find them helpful and informative, it’s very generous of people to be so open and free with advice about how they’ve got to where they are!

(In no particular order)

  1. Anyone who saw/heard the amazing soundtrack to the recent Mad Max film will be very keen to see how the excellent Dutch composer Junkie XL created it. He’s created a series of really in-depth videos explaining his techniques, here’s the first of the series:
  2. Probably the most famous/in-demand Hollywood composer of the last decade, Hanz Zimmer reveals all in this excellent 5-part series of interviews. Intros are in German but the interviews themself are in English:
  3. Interesting round-table conversation between a number of very established Hollwood composers:
  4. Composer for the hugely successful BBC Sherlock Series, Michael Price answers questions from new composers in this 5-part series:
  5. Jake Jackson discusses techniques he used when mixing the music for BBC series “Silent Witness”, some really useful, practical advice in this for anyone hoping to write for TV:
  6. Two of my favourite composers, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, answer questions about their work for “Gone Girl” –
  7. “Steve Jobs” composer Daniel Pemberton talks us through various projects from his custom studio:
  8. Very in-depth chat with Lorne Balfe who has scored countless projects for TV and Film:
  9. Dave Porter scored hit US series “Breaking Bad” and the follow up “Better Call Saul”, here he discusses his journey into the world of writing for TV:
  10. Brian Tyler discusses writing the percussion-heavy soundtrack for “The Fast and Furious 5” –






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Website launched and upcoming work

Welcome to the website showcasing all my work for media so far. It’s being a lot of fun designing it with Graham at Army Of Cats, who I’d highly recommend for any branding/web design work and I’m really pleased with how it looks with Nick Bishop’s wonderful photography as well. We got lucky with the weather for the shoot, but he’s made the studio look amazing.  I’ll keep this updated as much as possible with new audio, video and photos as well as news of upcoming projects.

I’ve got a few exciting things coming up, including more composition work for a TV programme that should be going out in October.  I’ll update when I have more info. Check out my new twitter account as well and please share with any friends who may be interested in my work!

Hopefully I’ll keep this page updated with some info on new techniques I’m using to create sounds and music as well, so keep checking back.

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